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Parton Imagination Library

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For children residing in Dodge and Washington Counties

Educators have emphasized the fact that reading with a preschool child is the single most important activity to prepare a child for school.  The Dolly Parton Imagination Library was created to guarantee access to books and to inspire parents to read to their children as much as possible.


Fremont Area United Way is sponsoring Imagination Library in this area so that every child (ages birth - 5th birthday) who is enrolled will receive an age and developmentally appropriate book each month at home.  The books are free for each child and every child is included as long as they are a resident of Dodge or Washington County.* 

Parents or guardians can enroll their child (or children) under age five online or by submitting a short registration form. To register call us at 402-721-4157. 

Please allow 8-12 weeks for delivery of your first book.  Not all books are shipped at the same time.  Households enrolling children of different ages should expect that books for each child will arrive at different times.

NOTE:  The books cannot be forwarded by the postal service.  If you move, please contact us as soon as possible (prior to moving is okay, as long as you let us know when you will be moving) with your new address so that your child(ren) can continue to receive books.

The local cost of the program is $30 per child per year.  This cost is covered by donations made to the Fremont Area United Way by: individual and business donors and other service organizations.  If you would care to donate towards this program, please send a donation to us at:  Fremont Area United Way, 445 East 1st Street, Ste #1, Fremont, NE 68025 or call us at 402-721-4157.


Text to Donate to literacy programs:
Enter: 41444
In message line enter: HATS
Following instructions to enter your name, credit card and donation amount.

* To participate in the Dolly Parton Imagination Library through the Fremont Area United Way sponsorship, families must be a resident of Dodge or Washington County. 

  • 46% of kindergartners are coming to school at risk for failure.

  • Children whose parents read to them become better readers and do better in school.

  • The size of a child's vocabulary is a strong predictor of reading.  Children read to one hour per day come to school with a 10,000 - 14,000 word vocabulary.  Children read to only 30 hours during their first five years come to school with a vocabulary fewer than 4,000 words.

  • For the poorest children, the biggest obstacle to literacy may be the scarcity of books and appropriate reading material.

Dear Friends and Neighbors....


Growing up in the Smoky Mountains was a real blessing.  There were some tough times, but most of our life was full of the kind of riches money can never buy.  One of my most precious memories is sitting in my mother's lap and listening to her read me stories from the Bible.  It felt so warm and cozy.  My imagination soared to places far beyond our cabin.


Those wonderful moments with my mother inspired me to create my Imagination  Library.  Thanks to Fremont Area United Way, all of the preschoolers in your communities can now have their own Imagination Library.  Just think, a book mailed to your child each month until their 5th birthday!


I hope these books inspire you to read to your child.  There is nothing quite like the sparkle in a child's eye when animals come alive and clowns dance on the page.


I hope you'll encourage your children to keep dreaming and to dream big.  If my Imagination Library helps turn the dreams of a child into the promise of a bright future, then one of my biggest dreams will come true.


And remember....

I will always love you,


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