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Framework for Funding

The mission of the Fremont Area United Way is targeted at advancing the common good in our local communities. Our goal is to create a better life for all, focused on the building blocks of a good life:

EDUCATION - School success: Classroom Ready and High School Graduation Rate.

FINANCIAL STABILITY - Empower families to become financially stable and independent: Job Training, Financial Literacy and Basic Needs.

HEALTH - Improving people's health: Increase Health Education, Increase Access and Preventative Care.


BASIC NEEDS - Food, Clothing & Shelter

Fremont Area United Way funded partners are encouraged to focus on programs and strategies that will most effectively help people gain access to educational, economic and health related opportunities. The ability to measure and communicate the results of this investment is of primary importance to this partnership.

Consideration for funding includes the following priorities of the Fremont Area United Way:

  • Program focus related to helping children and youth achieve their potential, promoting financial stability and independence, and improving health and wellness.

  • Programs which meet a well-defined community need.

  • Programs with measurable outcomes which are clearly defined and tracked for results.

  • Programs which maximize resources, coordinate efforts, and work with local partners to achieve goals.

  • Programs with diverse revenue support including other funding sources, volunteer, or in-kind support.

  • Programs not duplicated by other services/programs currently available.

  • Programs directed by organizations with solid administrative and fiscal oversight.

  • Fremont Area United Way has an open grant process for those in our community having measurable outcomes in health, education, income and basic needs. 


The Fremont Area United Way may also grant out additional funding for identified gaps and needs in a priority area.

Letter of Intent due by Friday, September 29, 2023 for the 2024 Community Impact Funding cycling.

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